How to market your business online

Marketing (advertising, to most of us) can be one of the main expenses when starting your own small business. Luckily, there are ways to engage in online marketing with spending little or no money. Focusing your cash flow on running your business – rather than getting business – can give you a leg up right from the start. Continue reading “How to market your business online”

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Best blogging platforms for your business

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. Self-help, recipes, daily devotions and parenting advice – it’s all out there in the form of someone’s well-crafted opinion. Many people make full-time salaries by blogging and have become celebrities in the field.

A business blog can connect your blog to real people. It can be especially beneficial if you are following a passion in your business – woodworking, cooking and photography are all examples. Your clients will instantly respect your love for your small business. Continue reading “Best blogging platforms for your business”

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Best ways to use Yelp for business

Yelp is considered to be a consumer-friendly site that gives reviews about consumers’ experiences with certain businesses. But did you know that, as a business owner, you can also use Yelp to promote your tree trimming business?

In this digital age, every profile and post matters. Sites like Yelp, which were not originally meant to help businesses, are now being used by those very businesses to exude a professional image from top to bottom. Continue reading “Best ways to use Yelp for business”

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