Using video for your business on Facebook and YouTube

Using videos for your business isn’t a brand-new idea. Facebook and YouTube aren’t new, either. But when you combine these forces, the result is amazing… high traffic on your sight, browsers turning into buyers, and buyers turning into repeat customers!

Here are a few reasons you might choose to add a Facebook or YouTube video to your business’s marketing scheme:

  • You can demonstrate new products. If your business is mostly internet sales, posting a video is a great way to show off a product that customers can’t actually touch.
  • Creating a community of like-minded people has never been easier than it is with the use of videos. You can create a series of how-to videos that will keep the same people tuning in for each new post.
  • Show off your skills by posting a video of what you do best – whatever that is! Show a before and after process (time-lapsed for convenience’s sake) or show them how you make the best burgers in town. You’ll be advertising while you work!
  • Videos are the best way to show off personality: both yours and your business’s. Being yourself is extremely important in these videos since customers will get their first impression of you via the internet, and they’ll expect you to be true to that personality when they walk in your door.

Follow the tips below to use videos appropriately on Facebook and YouTube in order to promote your business.

Tip #1: Make videos that inspire. An up-close, no frills video of you discussing what made you take the leap into starting your own business can inspire others to do the same…or simply to walk in your place of business!

Tip #2: On YouTube, create a channel devoted to educating your audience about your business. The videos don’t have to be long, but they do need to have some quality information that your audience wouldn’t know otherwise.

Tip #3: Make your videos fun and interesting. This one seems like a no-brainer – I mean, who says, “I really want to watch a boring video”?  Don’t stress over not being a stand-up comedian, though. Just being yourself and giving clients an “inside look” into what goes on at your place of business each day is often enough to interest them.

Tip #4: On Facebook, use the “featured video” tool to constantly change what your customers are seeing. This video will be larger than others you have posted, drawing more attention to it. Cycling new videos as your featured video will show your followers that you have fresh ideas and products to share with them.

As a final step, always remember to include a call to action in your videos. This could be as simple as “Come on down to see us today at XYZ Company for all your furniture needs!” It could also be repeating the phone number or website a couple of times at the end of the video to encourage potential customers to contact you for more information.

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